For most people, it’s hard to imagine living on the beach being anything more than a short-term vacation experience. However, lucky home owners who take a path towards beachfront property ownership have many benefits to reap.

Like any high-end property, beachfront living comes with it’s own unique advantages and disadvantages.

This article will help highlight some of the most notable pros and cons of living on the beach in Puerto Rico.

Relaxing Atmosphere

The atmosphere alone is worth the asking price to many beachfront homeowners.

Once you’ve adjusted to this way of life… it’s hard to want anything else. Beachfront living can be some of the most relaxing days of your life, if you let it be. Which brings up our next point…

Less Stress

With such a relaxing atmosphere, it’s easier for people to experience less stress in their day to day living.

For many that live a high-stress or busy lifestyle, this can be a cathartic experience that allows them to unwind and enjoy their day more.

Physical Activity

Being so close to the beach also allows you to access many activities more frequently.

Being Outside

Being outside and more physical active has numerous positive effects on health and overall well-being.

Health and Happiness

Investment Opportunity